A collection of our best answers to your most frequently asked questions

How much do rooms cost?

  • Rooms vary depending on the size and location of the property (closest to Central London):
  • £550 per month and £700 per month single occupancy
  • £900 per month and £1000 per month for a couple

What other costs are there to sign up?

  • There are no set up costs to rent through VT Property. We do not charge:
  • Contract Fees
  • Referencing Fees
  • Credit Check Fees
  • Holding Deposits Fees

How long are your tenancies?

  • Most of our tenancies are for a period of 12 months with a 6-month break clause.
  • In some circumstances, we can offer shorter terms where one tenant wants to exercise the break but others do not, leaving an individual room vacant

Do I need to be a teacher to use your services?

  • No - we have several non-teachers living in our properties, however our company’s primary objective is to support public sector workers, by providing well-maintained and comfortable living for new 'key workers' in London
  • Unfortunately, we cannot support people on social security or students.

What if I don't have any housemates with me?

  • Many of our properties are able to be rented on a room-only basis. Like most shared accommodation, you may be living with people you don't necessarily know at first.
  • We expect all tenants, whether good friends or not, to be respectful of each other's privacy and personal choices, and to take equal responsibility for cleaning and maintaining the property.
  • We also expect our tenants to be mindful and respectful of neighbours - and keep noise levels to a minimum at unreasonable hours.

Do I have to pay for bills?

  • Utilities (water, internet, gas and electricity) are not included in the price.
  • Council tax is not included in the price.
  • Bills are equally divided by all tenants for all tenancy months, regardless of the time each tenant spends in the property during that month.

What about deposits?

  • Deposits are £600 per tenant per tenancy, payable in advance of the tenancy.
  • All deposits are secured using the DBS portal (https://www.depositprotection.com/) with a designated lead tenant to handle the funds in and out.
  • Any specific damage to the property by a tenant will be drawn from their own proportion of the deposit.
  • Any damage to the property not specific to a tenant will be drawn equally from all tenants.